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Paul Hanson Partners International (PHPI) is a consulting firm that works with transportation companies to improve operational efficiency by finding collaborative solutions to their business challenges. PHPI services include remote staffing to improve corporate production, and management technology using a cloud-based, process improvement platform that enables organizations to reduce risk and liability costs.

Our Value

Paul Hanson Partners International (PHPI) is a subsidiary of Paul Hanson Partners, which has been providing risk management and insurance placement services to the transportation industry for over 20 years. With a reputation as an expert in insurance products and related services to all aspects of the trucking industry, PHPI brings 100+ years of industry expertise and experience to help its customers succeed through innovation of resources, staffing, and technology.


  • Independent contractor misclassifications –transportation industry is currently a prime target being challenged by governments and class action attorneys
  • Driver turnover –averaging 100% per year and resulting in much higher costs to recruit, vet, qualify, on-board and monitor safety compliance
  • Rising insurance costs –due to companies using dated practices to manage risk
  • Data management inefficiency –information silos caused by multiple software programs
  • Thin Margins – difficulty in meeting profit due to heavy competition and low product margin


  • Streamlined onboarding – reducing amount of time to recruit, vet, qualify and on-board drivers
  • Online driver compliance & certification platform –eliminating IC misclassification challenges
  • Providing proactive safety management and compliance programs
  • Affordable in-vehicle video & telematics options customized by operation
  • Implementing technology to reduce insurance costs
  • Implementing real-time visibility to company key performance indicators to be 100% transparent to all team members.
  • Remote staffing improves operational efficiency, lowers administration costs
  • Proven approach to slow down employee turnover

Our Services


Transportation Remote Staffing

Helping our customers succeed through remote staffing.

PHPI’s team has strong experience in evaluating organizations and assessing areas where remote staffing can improve corporate productivity. Remote staffing provides support by assuming routine and time consuming work, so key employees can focus on sales and customers. Remote staffing can also provide flexible staffing to address peak periods during transportation operations.


Transportation Management Technology

Helping our customers succeed through technology.

Corporate leaders and managers need to know and control where the organization is headed at all times. PHPI’s management technology provides integration of a proven online platform that offers the most comprehensive and streamlined driver on-boarding, compliance monitoring and management processes in the industry.



Greenlight announces first insurance partner just 90 days after initial product announcement

Greenlight dash camera and telematics solution receives underwriting approval for Biz Choice and Mover’s Choice Insurance

SEATTLE, WA, August 4, 2016 – Greenlight ( today announced an agreement with Paul Hanson Partners ( to make its new video and telematics technology available as an affordable risk management and safety tool for commercial vehicles insured through Paul Hanson Partners. Greenlight’s technology will be used in both Paul Hanson Partner’s BizChoice program for the logistics industry and Mover’s Choice program for the moving & storage industry.

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